I make custom violins and violas in the style of the Italian masters. I do not buy pre-made factory instrument in the white. Then varnish them and call them my own. My instruments are one of kind. They are made to exacting specifications that are considered to be standard in the profession.

16" Viola - Played by Brandon Encinas

Passacaglia Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber

I make my own varnish using traditional resins, natural colors and recipes used by the old masters. They have been proven over the centuries. The varnish is transparent, lustrous and durable. Not the rock hard, catalyzed stuff so commonly used today. My varnish takes time to apply. It is hand brushed, meticulously hand rubbed and polished during every step of the process.

16" Viola - Played by Brandon Encinas

Bourrée J.S. Bach

My instruments have their own individual personality. I use only the best tone wood I can find. Selected for its beauty and sound.

16" Viola - Played by Brandon Encinas

Romanze Max Bruch Opus 85

The varnish can be shaded or solid like the one below. I do not distress the instrument or stain parts of the wood to try make the instrument look old. There are millions of those out there. I do what is called “shading” to bring out the different colors and tones of the varnish and wood. Shaded or solid is your choice when you order an instrument. The player will add to the patina by his constant use of the instrument creating his own natural wear pattern.

If you would like me to make a violin or viola for you, please contact me.

I will be glad to talk to you about commissioning an instrument for you.